The Collections
Kreations is known for the wide variety of unique Collections of jewelry and wearing apparel. The pictures in each of the Galleries are examples of what can be designed for you. Some are presently available for sale. But, don’t be limited by just what you see.
The viewer is encouraged to allow these Kreations to inspire you to have something designed uniquely for you!

Contemporary Pizzazz’  view entire Collection
Add fun to your jewelry collection with a creative set from Kreations Pizzazz Collection. These sets are designed to be different! No one will have these unique items. Stones and beads have been purchased from all over the country and world and used together to make a fashion statement. The only limit in this collection is your imagination…from simple to outrageous. Let these gallery pictures inspire you and then contact Kreations to make something special for you.

Traditional Naturals   view entire Collection
This Collection speaks for itself. Designs are classic and traditional made from gemstones, some man made stones, silver, gold and pewter accents. There is nothing more elegant than a traditional gem stone set.



Positively Pearl    view entire Collection
The ever-popular pearl whether freshwater or cultured will always be the highlight of any wardrobe. Freshwater pearls today come in an array of beautiful colors in both pastels and deep tones. Pearls have wonderful distinctive shapes from traditional round to ovals that can be drilled in various locations to create an innovative look for the finished piece. Pearls can be accented with either gold or silver.


 Brilliant Crystals   view entire Collection
Crystals add a “sparkle” to any outfit. Crystals come in all sizes, colors and shapes. The most popular will always be the Swarovski Crystals due to the quality of the crystal. Fire polished crystals add the sparkle as well, and then there are the variety in seed and delica beads to add the delicate work.


view entire Collection
Every bride wants to be unique and special on her day. The gallery here only shows a few examples to spark your interest because the unique creations for the bride, mothers of the bride and groom, and wedding parties are not shown publicly. Your design will belong to you and not reproduced for any other bride!


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Show your school spirit with jewelry in the colors of your own school as a student or alumni! All schools are available. Just supply the name of the school and your color preference and we do the rest. If a mascot charm is available, you may opt to include one. A charm may also be added for your major if available. Sorority bracelets are also very popular and can be made for groups or individuals with Greek Letters.


Holidays   view entire Collection
Have your jewelry help celebrate the holiday! Christmas, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick, Halloween, and Patriotic holidays to name a few. The pictures are not limited to what you may want for a specific occasion…just ask!

Each holiday has their own gallery of pictures. Enjoy browsing.


Sports/Hobbies   view entire Collection
It’s always fun to have something special to wear to denote your special sport; be it for a team, cheer squad, or just for you. All sports are available and colors to match your team, uniform or simply personal choice. Just ask! Golf, soccer, badminton, bunco, bridge, cheer leading, basketball and the list goes on and on.


  view entire Collection
Just be different! Have something beaded by Kreations to make it more unique. Take something simple and sparkle it up for a special occasion! You supply the item and we bead it for you!



Birthstone Jewelry Sets
   view entire Collection
Celebrate your birthday all year long with birthstone jewelry!
Each piece is designed with Swarovski Crystals to represent the colored stone for the particular month. The pieces are available individually or as a set.

Birthstone Colors From Left to Right:

January: Garnet; also Rose Quartz
February: Amethyst; also Onyx

March: Aquamarine; also Bloodstone
April: Diamond, Crystal, or Clear Rock Quartz
May: Emerald; also Green Aventurine
June: Alexandrite; also Moonstone and Pearl
July: Ruby; also Red Jade
August: Peridot; also Sardonyx
September: Sapphire; also Lapis and Blue Agate
October (2 shown): Pink Zircon, Opal, Pink Tourmaline, Pink Quartz
November: Topaz or Citrine
December: Blue Zircon, Blue Topaz, or Turquoise

Bracelets  view entire Collection
Bracelets Rock!
They are fun and affordable and can be made to match just anything! Simple beads to ornate wild crazy ones can be used to make something unique for you! Let your imagination go WILD!



Pick A Bead   view selections
This is where Kreations shines! You select a bead or beads and have a unique piece of jewelry designed just for you!  The two pictures give an example of what can be accomplished with your imagination and the designers at Kreations! Perhaps it could match a specific outfit or be a special gift for a friend. There are no limits to the “kreation” that you design!