Our Designers

Kathi Schillo, Kreations principal designer, has experienced an unusual, creative eclectic career stretching north to south in the United States and as far east as Japan. Her educational background includes a Bachelor of Science Degree in Art and English and a Master of Science in Communication and Public Relations.

She has traveled a long journey to where she is today. This journey has spanned her lifetime; From the cold north of Wisconsin where she was born, to the history soaked land of Pennsylvania, to the far eastern shores of Japan, the tall whispering pines of Georgia, and now the glistening shores of Florida. Along the way, this adventuresome gypsy has walked the Great Wall of China, rode elephants in the mountainous jungles of Thailand, and chased kangaroo herds in the outback of Australia.

She has been a practicing artist for more years than she cares to admit! Her company Kreations originally established in 1976, has moved with her throughout the world. Her jewelry designs have been produced by two jewelry companies in Hong Kong and her pieces of art work and jewelry have been seen in Galleries and in private collections in the United States and the far east.

Along the way, she has left part of her behind in the friends she made, and her creative contributions made to enhance each of the communities from which she came. Each of these contributions brought her greater rewards in knowledge and understanding of all types of people. Now, Kreation’s clients benefit from her past and the experience she brings to their designs! Kathi loves the variety of materials in her jewelry, as well as the incorporation of stained glass and copper enameling. Both Ed, her husband and Kathi enjoy the many explorations into mediums in the past and each have won Merit Awards in an International Competition for their textile designs. Yes, this is an eclectic and creative pair!

Kathi and Ed Schillo, owners of Kreations2009 brought a new partnership to Kreations; that of her more than 36+ year husband Ed who has “put up with” all her projects over the years. Now, he holds the business responsibility, thus allowing Kathi to focus on the creative side. Their youngest daughter Liz has now joined in as well, making this a family business. Of course, for larger orders they incorporate the talents of various jewelry artists in the area. It’s fun for them to work together and they are committed to the beauty of the work and the excellence of the craftsmanship. They look forward to working with you!

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