Welcome to Kreations
Custom designed jewelry from traditional elegance to outrageous pizzazz!

You assist in the design process and YOU determine the price…

Kreations is where you individually work with the designer, select the beads, colors, metals, style of jewelry and have a unique piece created especially for you. NO one will ever have the same piece of jewelry…guaranteed!  If you aren’t so inclined, simply select from the variety of Collections originally designed and created in the studio of Kreations.

Originally established in 1976, Kreations has experienced a metamorphosis in the world of creative experience. Jewelry has always been the creative mainstay while adding over the years, copper enameling, weaving, stained glass, sculpted floral arrangements in metal and pottery.

Our line is as eclectic as the life lead by our designer, who has lived in various regions of the United States and in the Far East. Each of these experiences has added to the complexity of her designs and mediums.

We can guarantee one thing. A piece from Kreations is unique, creatively designed and will bring enjoyment for many years because of its professional construction. At Kreations we believe in high quality without the high price!

So, to get the most from your browsing and shopping experience there are three ways…
1. Check out the various galleries of the Kreations Collections
2. Shop the quick way via price range
3.Contact Kreations to customize something just for you. You may want to start with a bead from the “Pick a Bead” section and we can design from there.

Just, Enjoy the experience and enjoy your Kreation!