The piece of jewelry designed for you reflects your personality through the selections of materials. Crystals, gem stones, and pearls as wells as gold, silver and pewter beads are  available.

Commonly Used Crystal Shapes…

Drilled through the Crystal
  Bicone         Round       Teardrop

Pear Drop     Baroque Drop

 Drilled From Side to Side
Briolette     Flat Briolette    Crystal Cube

  Swarvoski Star     Swarvoski Heart


                   Pearls                 The ever popular pearl is available as the natural Round, Flat Sided, Potato shape or irregular fresh water pearls. These are available in a variety of colors from soft pastels to vibrant strong colors.


Stones and Gem Stones   

Natural Gemstones bring deep color and texture to a piece of jewelry. There are colors, shapes and sizes to compliment all creations. The preference is yours!


Selections of Metals and Clasps
Kreations offers a variety of metals to make your jewelry affordable. Often, it is the metal in the jewelry that makes a piece more or less costly.

Selections in Yellow include:
– 14k gold
– 14k gold filled
– 14k gold plated
– 12k and 10k are also available but 14k is the preferred standard
– Yellow pewter
– Yellow antique pewter

Selections in white include:
– Sterling silver
– Silver plated
– Silver pewter
– Silver antique pewter
– Stainless steel
– Rhodium

Other materials:
– Copper
– Brass
– Steel

Clasps are available in most of the above listed metals

Lobster  Clasp   Spring Clasp  Magnetic Clasp

  Standard Toggle Clasp  Decorative Toggle

Fish Hook Clasp           Decorative ‘S’ Clasp

Filigree Clasp                Barrel Clasp