Custom Orders

Custom ‘Kreations’ Just for You!

This is the specialty of Kreations and where we shine. If the client is close by, we meet to determine your tastes and designs that best match your style. If not close by to share a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, we email or telephone to accomplish the same goal. Together we determine the style of jewelry you would like to have created uniquely for you.

It is the aim of Kreations to make one-of-a-kind personalized items that are unique and yet affordable. When you have a piece of jewelry designed by Kreations you will have the satisfaction that no one will be wearing the same thing!

As we progress through the design phase, feel free to ask for jewelry designs that suit your special need. Maybe you need something to match a certain outfit, or earrings to go with a necklace you already have, or a new bracelet to replace the one you lost. Perhaps you saw a piece of jewelry on the website, and would like a similar one in a different piece of jewelry. Your imagination is the only limitation! Your request may include certain colors, styles, bead types, or length.

A special occasion, such as a wedding, prom, or anniversary is our biggest pleasure. Matching the perfect jewelry for a special day is exciting for our design team! We are thrilled to accommodate your requests and work individually with our clients. It is a pleasure to make personalized jewelry … to interpret your idea and make it into reality. We take great care and pride to ensure that all of our jewelry designs are of the highest quality, craftsmanship, and originality and aspire for all these handmade beaded jewelry pieces to bring you years of enjoyment, all at a great value.

How it works…. We welcome all requests for custom made beaded jewelry.

Contact us and explain what you’d like. Very Simple!
Then, we will let you know what we might suggest to meet your request. We can discuss your desired price range and then, you will receive an estimate before the ‘kreation’ is begun. We will keep in touch with you during the process, including sending you photos for your approval. If the jewelry is over $100.00 we request a 50% deposit before the creation process begins with the remainder paid at the time of completion and shipping.

Unsure of Where to Start???
Simply “Pick a Bead” from our picture Gallery and have your jewelry designed to coordinate with that bead(s).Gallery The same design process applies, but a unique hand made bead oftentimes offers just the right inspiration!

Make it easy…
If a unique design is not for you, but you see something on this site that you would like to order, but would like slight changes or a different size, simply email Kreations and we can let you know the availability of the item and determine the additional required materials. Size changes are no problem when materials are still in stock.

Make It Fit…
Please check with Kreations to determine the size for each product before purchasing to avoid having to send it back because it doesn’t fit. Necklace, bracelet, and earring lengths are given in inches. You can also measure your favorite pieces of jewelry to get an idea of how the different lengths will fit you, but remember that the larger the beads, the more space they take up, and therefore the more length is needed.

It is recommended to make your jewelry fit perfectly, take a string, wrap it around your wrist (or neck) where you would like the bracelet (or necklace) to lay. Cut the string or mark the correct size. Measure it on a ruler and note the desired size on your order. Larger beads will take up more space but leave it to Kreations to make the adjustment for you!

We hope you enjoy our handmade jewelry designs as much as we enjoy making them. Our passion for designing is evident in each handcrafted piece. In efforts to maintain the originality of our custom made jewelry, we do not display our custom jewelry designed pieces on our website. This helps to ensure that your custom pieces will stay unique and rare.

NOTE: If the piece(s) of jewelry are custom made for you after going through the design process together, Kreations cannot accept returns.